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If you're the director or head of a company, one of your main concerns is probably that you're on top of everything and taking appropriate measures to make sure nothing negatively affects the future of your business and to get through difficult situations, should they arise. KPress-Economy is a handy tool to monitor the activity, productivity, cash flow, liquidity, balance, financial soundness, and profitability – in short, to manage all important aspects of your company.

No matter the number of businesses you manage, KPress-Economy lets you add loads of options to their respective records. The main function of the tool is that, with all the values you generate from your business, you can simulate any given situation to know how you should act to strengthen an aspect of the company and avoid risks in the face of adverse events.

Through its friendly interface, you can control different sectors that fall under the fields of General, Accounts, Data, Analysis, and Tools. In the first tab, you'll see indicators for every business you manage and the opening balances with which you began. The accounts window gives you access to budgets as well as economic and financial plans, and from here, you can access a detailed assessment of how things are working. The remaining functions will help you monitor your businesses on a daily basis.

KPress-Economy also has an integrated search engine that gives you better access to your accounts by date or specific amount, and can even generate statistics for specific time periods. In short, thanks to this tool, you can improve the stability and safety of your company in the future, be it the short, medium, or long term.
By Álvaro Toledo

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